Craft and Crew Professionals

The knowledge, skills and competencies to excel
At McDermott our Craft and Crew professionals enable us to successfully complete some of the largest and most complex operations in the world. These opportunities include positions in Offshore Construction, Marine Operations, Fabrication and other specialized areas. At McDermott our team members are creative, driven and understand the importance of working safely in a challenging and rewarding environment.

McDermott is also committed to developing employees with the knowledge, skills and competencies to excel and grow in their careers. Our approach combines global and regional training to provide a complete set of requirements for each employee. Ongoing and consistent training also increases the opportunity for job mobility within the company.

It begins with evaluating individual competencies among all craft, onshore and offshore, at the time of hiring to determine individual skill levels and determine areas that are missing or not current. These assessments are based on prescribed National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ) standard for each craft and discipline. We then select world-class solutions, drawing on internal and external resources from our world-class Craft Training Centers and deliver instructional and educational programs by in-house and original manufacturer professionals.

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Felipe, Associate E&M Engineer

Something that clearly separates McDermott from the rest is how much exposure is given early on to new hires.

Associate E&M Engineer Learn More
Priscilla, Manager, Operations Engineering

It is very motivating to work in an environment where you are surrounded by smart and dedicated people who work as a team to meet deadlines and company goals.

Manager, Operations Engineering Learn More
Alvin, Associate Instrumentation Engineer

I enjoy being able to travel and work with people from all around the world.

Associate Instrumentation Engineer Learn More
Prasad, Project Manager

I like the ever-changing nature of the work and systems here, aimed with continuous improvement in all.

Project Manager Learn More
Curtis, Associate Naval Architect

McDermott is committed to developing its people and creating a work environment where they can succeed.

Associate Naval Architect Learn More
Brian, Senior Manager, Proposals

I like being involved in executing an entire project and, upon completion, seeing the numerous aspects I contributed to.

Senior Manager, Proposals Learn More
Erin, Equipment and Machinery Engineer

The training you receive is much better than I have seen many people I graduated with receive at other companies.

Equipment and Machinery Engineer Learn More
Alyson, Principal Proposals Specialist

The work environment is a place to grow in a career and where you enjoy coming to work every day.

Principal Proposals Specialist Learn More
Justin, Cost Controls Specialist

If you want to be in an environment that advances your skills and career, then McDermott is the perfect place.

Cost Controls Specialist Learn More
Jeffrey, Fabrication Operations Senior Superintendent

Be willing to learn, work hard and give your best at all times. Don't wait for something; look for it and go get it.

Fabrication Operations Senior Superintendent Learn More
Mike, Director of Fleet Operations

Whatever your job is, ask yourself each day, 'What can I learn or did I learn?' Never fall into the trap that you think you know it all.

Director of Fleet Operations Learn More