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Felipe, Associate E&M Engineer
Something that clearly separates McDermott from the rest is how much exposure is given early on to new hires.

Felipe, Associate E&M Engineer
I graduated in 2011 with a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Houston Cullen College of Engineering. Choosing the field of Mechanical Engineering was influenced by my racing motorcycles as a youth. As I learned to disassemble and rebuild race engines, my interest grew in discovering what and how engineering principles lead to specific designs. Through my engineering classes related to the oil and gas industry, my interest was further sparked by the challenges and opportunities I saw there, especially offshore.

I chose McDermott because I saw it as a perfect fit for my education and interests. It was also an easy decision to make considering the company's background and reputation in the offshore oil and gas EPCI industry, and for offering a good balance between hands-on engineering experience and detailed engineering.

I like the variety of work and challenges that I face every day on the job with different projects. I most enjoy the exposure and level of responsibility given to me in order to learn and experience as much as possible. Something that clearly separates McDermott from the rest is how much exposure is given early on to new hires.

My first project, the 750-ton compressor module for British Gas Trinidad & Tobago's Hibiscus field development offshore Trinidad, covers a wide range of work, from small scale up to and including different studies pertaining to the performance of the platform after installation of the new compressor module. It has required full understanding of the constraints and requirements, and has given me good exposure to different specifications and standards, as well as the various disciplines within McDermott and how they interact.

McDermott will provide a good atmosphere for you to learn at a very fast pace if you can handle it. Ask questions and do not be afraid to fail or seek help from those above you. McDermott has people with a lot of experience and answers to offer when they know you are seeking help or information. Make sure to follow through with all of your responsibilities; something that may seem unimportant to you can be a priority to somebody else. Most importantly, keep your focus; understand what you are doing and why. Once you see the bigger picture related to the project, you realize how your work and input influence outcomes of the project and McDermott as a whole.
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