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Brian, Senior Manager, Proposals
I like being involved in executing an entire project and, upon completion, seeing the numerous aspects I contributed to.

Brian, Senior Manager, Proposals
I graduated from Oklahoma State University and began my career with the telecommunications division of the pipeline company I had interned with. When the telecommunications bubble burst after a couple of years, I looked again for pipeline work and considered offshore for the first time. A previous boss recommended McDermott after being impressed as a client representative on a McDermott EPCI project. I was interested by McDermott's reputation for offering hands-on field experience. I quickly found out how true that was, as I was on a helicopter to our derrick barge DB16 on my third day of work, following the first two days of safety orientation.

I was hired as a Field Engineer, primarily designing deepwater pipeline installations in the US Gulf of Mexico and Trinidad. I progressed to Project Engineer, Estimator, Senior Project Engineer and currently am a Project Manager.

One of the things I like most is the variety ? deepwater and shallow water projects that can include engineering, procurement, construction and installation of jackets and topsides, modules, pipelines and subsea infrastructure. Presently I'm working on a subsea project in some of the deepest water McDermott has ever worked in.

I like being involved in executing an entire project and, upon completion, seeing the numerous aspects I contributed to. Another plus is the innovation McDermott encourages and its support of patent applications, and development and presentation of industry papers.

I have enjoyed all the deepwater J-Lay pipeline installation projects I have worked on, especially those requiring new techniques and approaches . The Shell Habanero project, for example, was an electrically heated pipe-in-pipe system with the world's first mid-line electrical connector joint for hydrate mitigation. Handling this very expensive and sensitive piece of equipment through the J-Lay system and down to the seabed was a major challenge.

The Shell Deimos project required such thick-walled pipe that it couldn't be manufactured in the full 40-foot length quad joints the J-Lay system was designed for, so we modified the system to accommodate shorter “quad” joints in multiple areas. One of the more significant innovations resulted in a patent application. Another favorite was the Anadarko Genghis Khan project. This installation required a permanent holdback system to keep the pipeline termination manifolds from moving on the seabed through the life of the field. We designed a chained pile holdback that was remarkably simple and cost-effective relative to existing methods, very installation friendly and well-received by the client.

Never underestimate the value of first-hand, onsite field experience. Be proactive and ask questions. Listen and learn from those who have done the work before. They know what worked well and what didn't.
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